America’s “Industry Transparency Center” Spearheads Health Ingredient Transparency in India

The Industry Transparency Center (ITC), a leading global strategy and insights firm, is dedicated to advancing transparency within the health ingredients and natural products sectors, and as such, proudly announces its role as the supply chain transparency partner for Nutrify Today C Suite Sumflex 2024, marking a significant stride in its global outreach, particularly in India.

Rooted in the fundamental principles of Insights, Stewardship, Strategy, and Community, ITC delivers unparalleled global guidance, strategic insights, and category stewardship. Serving as the driving force behind esteemed organizations like the Global Prebiotic Association, Collagen Stewardship Alliance, and Coconut Coalition of the Americas, ITC exemplifies leadership in sector-specific advancement and stewardship.

Renowned for its dynamic community engagement and innovative approach, ITC demonstrates its commitment through impactful events such as the ‘Future of the Microbiome’ conference and the ‘Naturally Informed: Mastering the Market’ series, developed in collaboration with WholeFoods Magazine. These initiatives strategically target vital areas including Supply Chain & Delivery Technologies, the Microbiome, Stress & Mental Wellness, and Active Aging.

Additionally, ITC’s expertise encompasses comprehensive consumer insights and research, offering an extensive range of reports covering both Supplement and Functional Food & Beverage categories across diverse sectors. These reports delve into essential ingredients such as Prebiotics, Probiotics, Omega-3s, Collagen and Curcumin, providing invaluable insights for industry stakeholders navigating global markets with precision and confidence.

Expressing enthusiasm about the potential for Indo-US trade, Amit Srivastava, Founder of Nutrify Today stated “This partnership is set to streamline the ideation and commercialization processes within the American Dietary Supplement industry. ITC’s initiatives empower the enhancement of responsible nutrition delivery at unprecedented speeds, leveraging reliable ingredient sourcing from India.”

Nutrify Today is a platform that focuses on nutraceuticals, offering solutions for scaling dietary supplement businesses through intelligent insights and tools for demand-driven growth. It provides networking opportunities, business meetings between buyers and sellers, and aims to quantify business outcomes using AI technology. Nutrify Today conducts events like the Nutrify C Suite Summit, which delves into the latest trends and insights in the industry, with a theme of “Nutrify Today and Tomorrow”. The platform also enables businesses in idea commercialization, new product development, and market access within the nutraceutical industry through its AI engine: NutrifyGenie.

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