Study in Canada in 2024: Understanding the Ircc Updates and Application Process

The Canada immigration news 2024 came as a big surprise for study abroad aspirants all over the world. The new rules for international students in Canada 2024 have left students with a lot of questions like: Can I study in Canada in 2024 from India? Does Canada accept Indian students? What is the success rate of Canada study visa in 2024? The new rules for international students in Canada, are going to impact a large number of student body. It is important to understand the IRCC updates for Canada study visa in 2024 and the best way to apply for Canadian education from now on.

As per the Canada immigration news 2024, most of the Canada student visa aspirants will require to attach a Provincial Attestation Letter (PAL) with their application. The absence of PAL with study visa application in 2024 would result in the rejection of the application. This requirement is a compulsion specifically for students who want to apply for undergraduate or graduate diploma/graduate certificate programs in Canada. However, Indian students who are planning to study in Canada for masters or doctoral programs presently do not need to attach Provincial Attestation Letter with their application.

The IRCC updates for international students might have worried many study in Canada aspirants but for some it has resulted in good news.


Students who plan to study masters program in Canada in 2024 can enjoy a post study work visa extension of 3 years. This leaves the graduated students with ample time to get work experience in Canada and find settlement options after the completion of education in Canada.

Post study work visa in Canada remains a strong incentive to apply for student visa Canada and it is important for foreign students if they are looking to settle in Canada after completing their studies. One of the other new rules for international students in Canada 2024 is related to the post study work visa. Previously students had the option to study in a private college or institution in Canada but after the completion of this program the students could get the official diploma stating that they have completed the program from a public college in Canada. Indian students might still be able apply for such programs in 2024, but they would not be eligible to get a post-graduation work permit. Therefore it is best apply for programs and institutions that are eligible for post study work visa in Canada if that is the end goal.

The Canada immigration news 2024 has affected another important aspect of Canadian student visa. Almost all study abroad aspirants who are married desire to apply for the spouse open work permit in Canada. But the guidelines for Canada student spouse visa in 2024 would change depending upon the program chosen by students to study in Canada.


Until 2023 the spouse of Canadian study visa holders could apply for spouse open work permit regardless of the level of program they selected to study in Canada.

However, this would change in the year 2024. Students who want to get their higher education from Canada and want to support the Canadian student spouse visa of their partner in 2024 must be enrolled in either masters or doctoral programs or else they will not be able to support the application of their spouse.

It is clear that one way or other the IRCC updates for international students is going to have huge impact on students who would like to move to Canada complete their studies. The enrollment of students to study in Canada will decrease dramatically and it is predicted to decrease by approximately 35% in 2024.


The process to get higher education in Canada in 2024 has definitely become more complicated and challenging as compared to 2023, but it still possible. Aspiring students must make sure that they apply for Canada student visa in 2024 as per the new rules so that the chances of approval remain high. Gee Immigration Services member of (IRCC), set an excellence success rate of obtaining Canada visa in 2024 ranging from 88% to 94%. As, they Provide complete knowledge about the programs and whether these programs are eligible for things like post study work visa or spouse open work permit would ensure students that they do not face disappointments.

In 2024, studying in Canada from India may differ due to updates in immigration rules that impacting international students worldwide. These changes have raised questions among aspirants regarding their eligibility, acceptance rates, and the application process for Canadian study visas. Amidst this, Gee immigration services and Visa expert Gurpreet Wander Stand out with 19 years of experience, boasting high success rate by guiding aspirants through the complexities of obtaining Canada visas. Their extensive expertise, permits them to deal with the constantly changing Canadian immigration policies and offering invaluable support to students so they can pursue their educational dreams in abroad.

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