Singer Arun Kumar Nikam’s song “Pyaari Maa,” dedicated to mothers, was launched by Padmashree Anup Jalota

Mumbai : On the occasion of Women’s Day, dedicating it to all the mothers of the world, Singer Arun Kumar Nikam has released his new song “Pyaari Maa,” which was launched by Bhajan Samrat Padmashree Anup Jalota. Arun Kumar Nikam, who has journeyed from selling vegetables to becoming a singer, says that today’s generation considers itself very smart. They start feeling burdened by their parents’ words. “What is the existence of life without a mother, what is the meaning of mother, I have composed this song to give this message to today’s generation.”


Arun Kumar Nikam has written, composed, and directed the video of this song. Amrita Bharti has given voice to this beautiful song. Bhajan Samrat Anup Jalota launched this song in Surat. It has been released on the official channel of Any Choice Films and is getting a very good response.


The composers of this song are Gaurav Kumar and Arun Kumar Nikam, Gaurav Kumar has given the music. The producer is Paresh Patel, the co-producer is Dr. Nilesh Mania. It has been sponsored by Praveen Bhai Patel and Bhavin Bhai Gohil. In the video, Ritu Pandit has played the role of mother while Sweety Mishra has played the role of daughter. Padmashree Anup Jalota was present as the chief guest at the song launch at Cineza Multiplex. More than 400 members of the public came to this launching event.


Arun Kumar Nikam told that Anup Jalota is not only the king of tunes but also the king of hearts. Anup ji launched my first album in 2018. I am a welcome vendor, and I have no words to express my gratitude to Anoop ji; he always supports me and makes his presence felt at the launch of my songs. This is a big thing. One singer never supports another singer, but Anup Jalota’s story is different. On my phone, he came from Mumbai to Surat to launch my song; this is his greatness. I consider myself fortunate that I continue to receive his blessings.”


At the time of the song launch, Anup Jalota said that Arun is a very hardworking and talented singer. I have been watching him for many years, and he is doing good work. There is a great message in each of his songs. He composed a song in honor of India’s hero Sonu Sood. A beautiful song has been made on the emotions of father and daughter. He made a song “O Papa” for orphan daughters and now has made such a beautiful song for all the mothers.


Ashok Hadiya has also been very helpful in the production of Himmat Bhai Mania and PP Mania Presents Pyari Maa. In the near future, Arun Kumar Nikam plans to make songs on Shri Ram Bhajan, farmers, and Indian Police.