Producer/ Director Farukh khan bringing Bollywood Diva Rakhi Sawant as Drama Queen featuring Anvarul Hasan and launching Rapstar Bal

Bollywood’s quintessential drama queen, Rakhi Sawant, has once again captured the spotlight with the release of her latest music video, “Baby Drama Queen,” alongside Anvarul Hasan Annu. Shot amidst the stunning backdrop of Dubai, the music video has been making waves since its launch, especially coinciding with Valentine’s Day.

The song “Baby Drama Queen”Produced and Directed by Farukh Khan’s with his vision to all the men in the world to please care of your women, love them, and give them all the happiness in the world because what they go through for us is no comparison, Accept their dramas, treat them like a queen not just on  valentine day but everyday! I want to take the advantage of the Dubai and international media to help spread my message around the world to make the difference in the world through Rakhi sawant who is an icon, adorable loved by her fans around the world! This is a high-energy dance number boosted by an American Rapper RS Bali featured and sung, launched in Bollywood with Bollywood well known and Salman khan favorite singer shabab sabri along with swati sharma for the first time taking over Bollywood already in the press in dubai with his very first hit song catered to the tastes of today’s youth, showcasing Rakhi Sawant in a glamorous avatar and a icon to all the women in the world “Baby Drama Queen,” presented by Farukh Khan and New York Gang Productions in association with F Music Company, has garnered immense popularity, resonating well with the audience. Alongside Rakhi Sawant, Anvarul Hasan Annu and RS Bali also feature in the video, adding to its charm.

Rakhi Sawant’s dynamic dance moves and captivating style in the music video have been hailed as exceptional, while Anvarul Hasan Annu has also received praise for his performance. Speaking at the song’s launch, Rakhi Sawant expressed her enthusiasm, stating that the song resonates with her personality perfectly. She encouraged everyone, especially boys, to create reels on the song.

Farukh Khan, the producer and director, was visibly thrilled at the music video launch, held at the Vice Night Club in Dubai. He described the on-screen chemistry between Rakhi Sawant and Anvarul Hasan Annu as magical, further adding to the buzz around the music video.

“Baby Drama Queen” is sung by RS Bali, Shabab Sabri, and Swati Sharma, with Kumar Deepak as the composer and lyricist. The video features stellar performances by Rakhi Sawant, Anvarul Hasan Annu, and RS Bali. The choreography is by Mudassar Khan, with Wasim Siddique and Nazma Shaikh as executive producers and Parvez Pathan as the DOP.

The launch of “Baby Drama Queen” marks another successful venture for Rakhi Sawant and Anvarul Hasan Annu, solidifying their positions as entertainment icons in Bollywood. The music video’s popularity is a testament to their talent and charisma, leaving fans eagerly awaiting their next collaboration.