Pastel Trend

Pastel Trend

The latest trends and colors are always changing. One year, a color might be all the rage, then next year it’s gone. But one color is not only making a comeback this season, it’s become a pastel trend that will last well into the new year!

What is a Pastel Trend?

The pastel trend is a fashion that has been causing a stir across the globe. In order to understand what exactly a pastel trend is, it’s important to first know what colors are in this fashion. Pastels are generally muted colors such as yellow, turquoise, pink, purple, and blue. Another common element of these muted colors is the use of tone because light shades can represent action and movement whereas dark shades can represent peace and calmness.

The History of the Pastel Trend

With the emergence of different styles of pastels, there’s no better time to learn about how these colors have evolved over time. Check out some of the trends that have been in and out of fashion, such as electric blue and lavender Pastel colors were first used on paint in the 17th century when some Dutch painters began using the shades for religious paintings. Originally, pastel colors were typically used for interior decoration, so most people only heard of them within the art world. However, during the 19th century, artists began to incorporate pastel colors into their work, and by the 1920s they had become popular among both international artists and society in general.

The Pastel Trend Today

Pastel is a colour that has become very popular over the last few years. It was often used in fashion, but it is also used to make other things. There are many appearances of this colour these days, and the trend is still going strong. Pastel is a word that many have heard and even used to describe their outfits. But, the pastel trend has been around for a long time. This pastel trend is considered as one of the most difficult trends in fashion as it takes a lot of planning to make your outfit look good. Pastel colours are not just for Christmas, they are a trend that is here to stay. It can be seen all around the world in clothing, interior designs and decorating accents. This colour palette is one of the most popular colours due to its versatility, so you can use it in any season. When designing a space for your home or business, choosing pastel colours will give your space a warm, inviting feel.

Benefits of Pastels

While pastels are not typically thought of as a colour trend, these muted hues have been making themselves known in recent fashion. The colour is ideal for the spring season and can be used as a perfect transition from winter to summer. Pastels also allow for a very diverse palette of colours. Pastels are all the rage this season. They’re the colour of innocence and sweet love, so why not wear them in your hair, on your nails, or even in your wedding day makeup? These colours can be anything from soft pastels to bold colours like purple and pink. Pastels are a fun way to update your look and make it more unique.

How to Wear Pastels

Pastels are a great choice for spring, but they can also be worn year-round! They’re a light, carefree colour that pairs well with anything from neutrals to brighter colours. Some of my favourite pastel pieces are the hot pink lace dress and the ultra-chic sapphire blue bag. Pastels are the latest fashion trend, and they’re a lot of fun! They have a very particular colour palette that makes them naturally unique. The key to wearing pastels is making sure you stay in your natural colour palette, which means not adding any other colours. You can wear pastels as an accent with something more intense like black and white, but it’s best if you stick to this colour scheme for your entire look. Pastels are a neutral colour that can be worn year-round. This colour is best suited for spring, summer, and autumn. Pastel colours work well in any type of fashion outfit where the colours are muted enough to not make it look too bright. Pastels can also be used as a neutral base when paired with other colours like black, navy blue, or teal.

Makeup Tips for Wearing Pastels

Autumn has come in full swing, and with it comes the season for pastel colours. Pastel colours can be tricky because many other colours will clash quite badly. However, there is still a way to wear this colour without looking like you’re wearing a Halloween costume! The first step is to use cool colours as your base. Next, use warm colours as accent colours to create a more subtle look. Lastly, use black eyeliner or dark brown mascara (both of which are sold at most pharmacies) to balance out the look and take it from too much to just perfect!


The pastel trend is a hot topic amongst the fashion industry and has been for the last few years. The term “pastels” refers to colours that are light blue, green, pink, yellow, lavender, and more. This colour palette is versatile as it can be used together or mixed into other colours to create new looks.