Murder Mystery ‘Section 108’: What’s Cooking Between Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Arbaaz Khan, and Alisshaa Ohri?

The highly anticipated Bollywood thriller ‘Section 108’ has successfully concluded its filming schedule and is currently undergoing post-production. Packed with suspense and action, the movie promises to be a gripping crime drama set to hit theatres later this year. Maintaining a shroud of secrecy around the plot, the makers have strategically revealed just enough to pique audience interest.


The cinematic odyssey kicked off its grand journey in October 2023, traversing the bustling streets of Delhi and the vibrant locales of Malad and Goregaon in Mumbai. The suspense builds, with fans eagerly speculating on the myriad twists and turns this movie will serve up. The last clap echoed in February 2024, marking the completion of the shooting extravaganza.


Spearheaded by the renowned Nawazuddin Siddiqui, this murder mystery boasts a stellar ensemble cast featuring Regina Cassandra and Arbaaz Khan, with the spotlight shining on debutante Alisshaa Ohri as Kalpana, a key suspect in the intricately woven plot.


Under the seasoned direction of veteran filmmaker Rasikh Khan, celebrated for his knack for extracting exemplary performances, ‘Section 108’ has entered its final post-production phase, generating considerable buzz and anticipation ahead of its scheduled theatrical release later this year.


The plot details of ‘Section 108’ have been guarded with utmost secrecy, heightening expectations and adding an air of mystery to the film. The recently unveiled teaser offers a tantalizing glimpse into a narrative brimming with suspense, revolving around a riveting homicide investigation led by Siddiqui’s character, a seasoned and sharp-witted cop.


With a keen eye for production values befitting the grandeur of the silver screen, ‘Section 108’ promises audiences a thrilling cinematic experience, complete with atmospheric tension, action-packed sequences, and unforeseen plot twists that are sure to captivate aficionados of crime dramas.


In her maiden foray into Bollywood, Alisshaa Ohri steps into the shoes of Kalpana, a character shrouded in mystery and set to become one of the film’s most enigmatic suspects. While details about her role in the larger narrative remain scarce, teasers hint at Kalpana’s multifaceted personality, suggesting that Ohri’s performance will traverse a spectrum of emotions. As the plot unfolds, the character’s motives and connections promise to intensify the overarching tension, providing Ohri with a platform to showcase her acting prowess alongside seasoned co-stars.


Director Rasikh Khan, known for his mastery in handling thriller projects, now brings his wealth of experience to ‘Section 108,’ orchestrating a mystery tale that seamlessly blends action, emotion, and misdirection. The film emerges as a testament to Khan’s directorial finesse and promises to elevate the standards of both technical prowess and performance.


As the industry eagerly awaits news of the exact theatrical release date in 2024, ‘Section 108’ stands out as one of this year’s most highly anticipated genre films. With production successfully wrapped up, the countdown has begun for this gritty crime movie to captivate audiences and mark Alisshaa Ohri’s impressive debut in the company of seasoned Bollywood veterans.