Manganese is a versatile element and has several industrial and biological applications. Derived from ores, Manganese possesses the ability to form numerous stable stoichiometric oxides, MnO, Mn2O3, Mn3O4, MnO2, as well as metastable Mn5O8, that could either coexist or gradually become interconvertible from one form to another during the oxidation process.

Similarly, gradual removal of Oxygen, step by step, from the higher Oxides of Manganese leads to obtaining various types of useful lower Oxides.

Hitherto, PIT TYPE batch furnaces, ROTARY TYPE continuous furnaces were being used to produce MnO from ores containing MnO2, which faces cumbersome operations like quenching, scrapping etc. While the materials are subjected to Decomposition/Reduction processes.  

INVOLUTE METAL POWDER TECHNOLOGIES ,in order to overcome such cumbersome process requirements has developed its proprietary TUNNEL FURNACE route, to produce MnO from MnO2 (in various forms),and as well to produce any intermediate desirable Oxide form, varying its process parameters in the same furnace.

This high temperature TUNNEL FURNACE, also is capable of obtaining Mn in metallic form, through carbothermal reduction of such oxides, quoted Mr.S Mohanty  ,Chief Consultant Involute Metal Powders. The company has been devising and inventing processes for various ferrous/nonferrous metal powders since last three decades.

Involute process, presently has conceived designs to produce MnO from MnO2 ,to the extent of 5 t.p.d to 50 t.p.d,capacity plants. A fairly large sized Pilot plant of Involute has so far conducted and demonstrated the utility of such equipment to various prospective clientele. Manganese is used in several applications mainly:

In steel production as an alloying element, in the production of alkaline batteries, in ceramics as a pigment  and in various fertilizers to improve crop yields.

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