Industrial Luminary Dr. Meehir Kulkarni, Chairman of Gravity Group, Adopts Balhegaon, Marking a Pioneering Leap in Community Development

In a groundbreaking move for philanthropy and community development, Dr. Meehir Kulkarni, the visionary Chairman of Gravity Group, has officially adopted the drought-affected area of Balegaon in Vaizapur, Maharashtra. The grand opening ceremony of the Mahadev Temple and Shankar Maharaj Temple marked a significant milestone in the transformation of the region.

The distinguished event witnessed the presence of notable personalities, including Swami Sivagiri Maharaj, National President of Kumbh Mela, and Senior Object Specialist Pandit Shivakumar. The ceremony was graced by the esteemed presence of Devendra Fadnavis Ji and Ujjwal Nikam Ji, instrumental figures from whom Dr. Kulkarni took inspiration to adopt the village in 2021.

Dr. Meehir Kulkarni, one of India’s youngest entrepreneurs, expressed gratitude to his mentors and highlighted the importance of community development in the region. Known for his multifaceted contributions, Dr. Kulkarni heads Gravity Group, which spans across Fitness, Financial, Infrastructure, Hospitality, and the Entertainment industry.

Gravity Fitness Club, inaugurated in Pune and later expanding globally, has been a beacon of inclusivity, adopting divyang bodybuilders and athletes. The Gravity Mr. Universe Contest, featuring guests like the Great Khali, Ronnie Coleman, and Flex Wheeler, has solidified Dr. Kulkarni’s footprint in the fitness and entertainment industry.

In addition to his entrepreneurial endeavors, Dr. Kulkarni has been recognized for his philanthropic efforts, receiving an Honorary doctorate from Rajasthan University. Awards such as the Pune Times Mirror Bharat Leadership Award, Udyog Bhushan Puraskar, and Pride of Maharashtra in 2022 stand as testaments to his impactful contributions.

Gravity Foundation, the charitable arm of Gravity Group, has consistently contributed to societal betterment. Initiatives include the donation of Free Ambulance Services to Sadguru Shree Shankar Maharaj Math Pune, redevelopment and advancement of Balhegaon in Aurangabad, and support for various other causes.

Dr. Meehir Kulkarni, a Trustee for Sadguru Shree Shankar Maharaj Math- Pune, has expanded Gravity Group into Hospitality, Medical, Finance, and Lifestyle sectors. As the General Secretary of the National Anti-Corruption Committee and Chairman of BVCI- Board of Veteran Cricket India, he envisions significant plans for the board’s development.

Under Dr. Kulkarni’s leadership, initiatives like the Safety Cup, a cricket league played amongst PMC and Pune Police Officials for a cause, showcase his commitment to societal well-being. As Gravity Group continues to unfold new wings, Dr. Meehir Kulkarni stands as a prominent figure in industrial circles, driving positive change and community development.