IIM Rohtak students celebrated 13th Annual convocation day

30th March, 2024: Indian Institute of Management Rohtak hosted its 13th Annual Convocation  with Hon’ble Mr. Justice Rajesh Bindal, Judge, Supreme Court of India as the Chief Guest for the ceremony, and Lord Baron Bilimoria, CBE, Member of the House of Lords, UK was the Guest of Honour. The event was graced by the presence of Chairman Shri Jai Shroff, Board of Governors, IIM Rohtak. It was a great honor for the institute to have the gracious presence of such visionaries at this occasion. IIM Rohtak produces graduates with superior work ethic, high commitment, and positive attitudes. 321 students from the 13th batch of the Post-Graduate Programme in Management, 2 from the Doctoral Programme in Management, and 38 from the BBA Programme graduated on this day.

 The convocation ceremony also featured the recognition of the best-performing students of the passing batch. The Gold Medal for Scholastic Performance was awarded to Ms. Sheela Danita, whereas Ms. Jyotsna A. was awarded the Gold Medal for being an all-rounder for the year. Silver and Bronze medals for Scholastic Performance were awarded to Ms. A. Ritika and Ms. Vaishnavi Varshney respectively. It was a matter of pride for IIM Rohtak and true testimony of women empowerment that all four medal winners on the 13th convocation area women said Justice Bindal.

 In his address, the Director of IIM Rohtak, Prof Dheeraj Sharma, welcomed esteemed guests and celebrated the institute’s remarkable achievements, particularly the graduation of its largest batch this year.  Director read his annual report and state many important milestone related to success of students, faculty, and the institute in general. He stated that students must try to discover their reasons of being. He quoted Nietsche “Those who have a “WHY” to live can almost persevere with any HOW” Therefore, student must discover their WHY to live.

 With a focus on industry connections, the Director highlighted the institute’s strong ties with over 230 companies coming to the campus for placements this year, a significant increase of 70 from the previous year. Notably, the faculty’s contributions to publications and doctoral research were commended for their impact on both industry and the economy. Emphasizing the institute’s commitment to excellence, Director Prof Dheeraj Sharma underscored initiatives such as training programs for educational leadership and collaborations with various institutions and universities.


In concluding his address, he offered students a two-fold piece of advice. he emphasized the importance of acknowledging the sacrifices made by their parents.

 The Chairman of Board of IIM-Rohtak JR Shroff, praised the institute and praised the board and institute administration for steering the institute’s trajectory toward excellence, culminating in a state-of-the-art campus and a significant increase in student enrollment. In addition to academic achievements, he applauded IIM Rohtak’s efforts in enhancing public perception and achieving gender diversity milestones. 

 Guest of Honour, Hon’ble Lord Baron Billamoria acknowledged the remarkable achievement of the graduating batch, crediting their success to the exceptional leadership of the Director. Reflecting insights gained from the final lecture at Harvard, he encouraged graduates to contemplate the purpose of their lives, emphasizing the importance of being “humbitious” – humble yet ambitious. Reflecting on entrepreneurial challenges and the importance of determination, he underscored the role of creativity and innovation in achieving success. He emphasized the significance of initiative and dedication in both academic and entrepreneurial pursuits. Lastly, he left graduates with a final thought, quoting the words of Gandhi: “Your beliefs become your thoughts, your thoughts become your words, your words become your actions, your actions become your habits, your habits become your values, your values become your destiny.” Encouraging all to aspire and achieve with integrity, he reminded the graduates to take pride in their Indian heritage and the country’s promising future.

While congratulating the graduating students and IIM Rohtak community, Hon’ble Chief Guest, Mr. Justice Rajesh Bindal expressed his delight for being part of such a significant occasion. Commending the 13th batch for their achievements, he dispelled any notion of superstition surrounding the number 13, referring to tales from Indian heritage and drawing from personal anecdotes that highlighted its significance in his own life. Reflecting on IIM Rohtak’s status as the largest IIM in India, he acknowledged the institute’s impressive representation in Stanford University’s prestigious list of top 2%  scientists. He recognised the institute’s rapid growth and return on investment as a young IIM. He praised IIM Rohtak’s foresight which reflected in the in establishing a campus in Gurugram, a pivotal economic center. Lastly, he appreciated the institute’s management proficiency, reflecting on the management proficiency reflected in the time management at today’s event. He reminded graduates that while a degree may open doors, true wisdom and insight come from lived experiences. Justice Bindal emphasized the role of Indian traditions, values, and parental sacrifices in shaping the future of the youth.