Hulu’s Must-Watch Horror Series to Keep You Up All Night


As shadows lengthen and an eerie silence falls over the evenings, Hulu beckons to those who revel in the rush of fear, the intrigue of the unknown, and the fascination with the otherworldly. Whether under the bright blaze of summer sun or the soft glow of spring moonlight, Hulu’s extensive catalog serves as a year-round haven for horror aficionados. From timeless tales of terror to contemporary masterpieces of the macabre, Hulu offers an eclectic mix of shows that promise to keep your pulse racing and your mind enthralled. Here’s a look at the best horror shows now streaming on Hulu, each providing a unique portal to the vast and varied dimensions of dread.

The Terror
Chilling to the core, “The Terror” is a historical horror anthology series that blends factual events with the supernatural. Its first season, inspired by the tragic Franklin Expedition, is a haunting journey through survival, despair, and monstrous entities lurking beyond human understanding. Each season explores new narratives, proving that the most profound horrors often stem from human actions and the relentless forces of nature.

American Horror Story
A modern cornerstone of the horror genre now, “American Horror Story” on Hulu is an anthology that reinvents itself with each season, diving into new depths of terror. From the dark corners of haunted estates to the twisted tents of a freak show, the series crafts unique, unsettling worlds filled with complex characters and shocking twists. Its ability to weave social commentary with the supernatural makes it a standout series for horror enthusiasts.

Castle Rock
In “Castle Rock,” the eerie landscapes of Stephen King’s imagination come to vivid life. This psychological horror series intertwines characters, themes, and stories from King’s vast oeuvre, creating a dense, mysterious tapestry that pulls viewers into its dark heart. It’s a treasure trove for fans of King and those who love their horror with a side of psychological depth.

The Twilight Zone
Hosted by Jordan Peele, the new iteration of “The Twilight Zone” offers fresh, thought-provoking takes on the bizarre and the terrifying. Each episode is a standalone narrative that examines the human condition through the prism of the supernatural and the uncanny, inviting viewers to step into a realm where anything is possible and nothing is as it seems.

The Strain
Crafted by the visionary Guillermo del Toro, “The Strain” tells the gripping story of a vampiric virus that decimates New York City. This series masterfully combines the horror of a pandemic with ancient vampire lore, presenting a harrowing tale of survival, sacrifice, and the battle against a pervasive evil.


Stan Against Evil
Blending humor with horror, “Stan Against Evil” streaming on Hulu, follows a grumpy ex-sheriff and his successor as they combat demonic forces in their small town. The series offers a light-hearted take on the genre, proving that humor can be a powerful ally in the face of darkness.

The X-Files
“The X-Files” remains a seminal series for fans of supernatural and unexplained phenomena. Agents Scully and Mulder’s investigations into the paranormal, alien, and inexplicable have captivated viewers for decades, blending science fiction with elements of horror in a way that continues to resonate.

The Exorcist
Building on the legacy of the iconic film, “The Exorcist” series delves into the dark world of demonic possession with new characters and compelling stories. It’s a deeply unsettling exploration of faith, evil, and the indomitable human spirit’s battle against darkness.

Ghost Adventures
For those fascinated by the paranormal, “Ghost Adventures” follows investigators as they explore haunted locations, attempting to uncover the truth behind reported ghostly activities. Combining history, technology, and a dash of bravery, the show offers a thrilling perspective on the search for the supernatural.

“Monsterland” takes viewers on a journey through encounters with mythical beasts, fallen angels, and other beings, blending human drama with elements of horror and fantasy. Each episode explores the thin line between man and monster, revealing the complex nature of humanity and the shadows that lurk within.

Hulu‘s horror lineup offers a rich tapestry of fear, fantasy, and the fantastic, proving that no matter the season, the thrill of the scare is just a click away. Whether you’re in the mood for psychological depth, supernatural scares, or tales of human survival against unimaginable horrors, Hulu‘s collection has something to unsettle and enchant viewers of all tastes.