Foods to eat and avoid cancer risk

Cancer risk

Proper nutrition can go a long way in maintaining one’s health. This can help protect you from chronic lymphocytic leukaemia and small lymphocytic lymphoma. The food you eat has to do it with age, ethnicity and lifestyle patterns– these are huge factors- but a significant part is that a well-planned diet will prevent you from developing cancer. Pay attention to what not to eat

Foods that increase cancer risk

Red meat

Red meat is known to have carcinogens that are associated with colorectal and stomach cancer. Quite a few labels use additives to preserve red meats like salami, ham, beef jerky, and sausage.

Alcohol consumption

Excessive alcohol consumption is related to mouth, throat, oesophagus, breast, liver, stomach, and bowel cancers. The risk of cancer when consuming alcohol varies among individuals.

Refine carbs and sugar

Recently, many studies have suggested that eating certain types of foods increase the risk of developing diabetes. For example, eating refined carbs and sugar on a regular basis has had an increasingly negative effect in those with type 2 diabetes. It is important to avoid foods that are higher in these items not only because they spoil your body’s gut health, but also because overconsumption can cause inflammation and oxidative stress.

Foods that lower cancer risk

Olive oil

The dietary articles recommend using olive oil for its anti-inflammatory properties. Olive oil prevents cancer, avoids cardiovascular disease, and helps in the prevention of breast cancer. Additionally, with food items to eat or avoid, readers are able to interact with the blog post in a meaningful way.


Garlic’s allicin compound has been shown to reduce the risk of stomach cancer and prostate cancer. Eating garlic contributes to an active lifestyle, as well as reduces your cancer risk.


Heading into menu plans and recipes? Reach for these powerhouse produce. Broccoli, is just one little stalk which provides 132% of the RDA for vitamin C and shines as a powerful antidote to some of the most common cancers. And green tea—loaded with polyphenols that fight cancer susceptibility—are perhaps an essential food this fall in particular



Two medicine used to reduce drug resistance in cancer treatments are Venclexta® and RituXima®. These drugs are used in combination with chemotherapy medications like azacitidine, decitabine, or low-dose cytarabine to help reduce the risk of relapse from AML. Venclexta is available for chronic lymphocytic leukaemia (CLL) and small lymphocytic lymphoma (SLL) only if resistant cells can’t be fully eradicated by


This is a drug prescribed when one tests positive for HER2: phosphoinositide 3-kinase delta (PI3Kδ), with metastatic breast cancer in stages of early or advanced. Nerlynx, a well-known relief option for HER2 MBC patients, is a kinase inhibitor and can be taken up to twice daily to lower the chance of cancer cells from coming back.