Announcement: “Ameena” – A Riveting Tale of Resilience and Hope

Director Kumar Raj’s latest cinematic masterpiece, “Ameena,” is a compelling storytelling inspired by the celebrated play “Yahaan Ameena Bikti Hai” written by the great Urdu writer Mr Aftab Hasnain & Dr . Prof . Kishan Pawar. 

Helmed by visionary Producer and Director Kumar Raj, a Master Mariner in Merchant Navy with worldwide exposure, whose breadth of experience lends overall maturity to the development of such an extraordinary picture.

Kumar Raj’s last release, ‘TARA, the journey of love and passion” was selected and screened at over 750 international film festivals, garnered 487 international awards and is included in seven world book of records for the most accolades.

Kumar Raj is very optimistic about his upcoming release, ‘AMEENA’, and hopes for a similar reception.

This Hindi feature film promises to captivate audiences worldwide with its compelling storyline and stellar cast. Starring the incomparable talents of Anant Mahadevan, Rekha Rana, and Utkarsh Kohli, “Ameena” delves into the gripping true-life story of a young woman sold into marriage by her own parents, a tale that resonates with timeless themes of courage, resilience, and pursuit of freedom.

With Rekha Rana, a recipient of 47 international Best Actress awards, delivering breath-taking performances in dual roles, and Anant Mahadevan’s remarkable portrayal adding depth and nuance to the narrative, “Ameena” promises an unforgettable cinematic experience.

This is a very powerful womencentric film based on a true story.

“We believe in the power of cinema to shed light on social issues and provoke thought,” expressed Kumar Raj. “Ameena is not just a film; it’s a mirror reflecting the harsh realities faced by many in our society. Through compelling storytelling and exceptional performances, we aim to spark conversations that lead to a positive change.”

The film boasts a distinguished crew, including renowned music maestro Ismail Darbar, acclaimed sound designer Nihar Ranjan Samal, and the iconic voice of Raza Murad & the great singer Javed Ali ensuring a sensory feast for audiences.

Shot across picturesque locales spanning France (Paris & Cannes), Senegal (Dakar), Togo, Gambia, USA (Los Angeles), UAE (Dubai, Abu Dhabi) and India (Mumbai & Karjat), “Ameena” offers a visually stunning tapestry of cultures and emotions, transporting viewers on a transcendent journey of self-discovery and redemption.

The recently launched poster of “Ameena” has received widespread acclaim, with audiences praising the emotive dialogues and the gripping glimpse into the film’s narrative. The film is set to release on this Eid, adding to the anticipation and excitement surrounding its debut.

As we prepare for the global release of “Ameena,” we invite you to join us in celebrating the indomitable spirit of the human heart and the power of cinema to inspire, provoke, and unite audiences across borders.