Affordable E-Solutions for Maritime Industry called C-Procure

VCIDEX SOLUTIONS PVT.LTD revealed their new case study today on C-Procure Solution Offers Rapid Accountability System for Maritime Industry. This case study demonstrates that How To Manage Multiple Vendors across region? How Accurately predict the procurement needs? How to improve efficiency in shipping procurement ? C-Procure is a cloud based marine e-procurement solution for buyers and sellers within the maritime industry. C-Procure aims to provide integration of the buyers and suppliers around the globe to the ship owners and contractors. C-Procure aims to provide the all the features needed to ease procurement as any other marine procurement systems provided by large players in today

The case study also made it obvious that C-Procure shall bring together ship owners (buyers) and suppliers from around the world and integrate to ease the procurement management processes. Our users shall have access to e-procurement platform to enable automated purchasing processes, access to digital solutions, better and streamlined communications to ease purchasing processes within the marine supply chain network. C-Procure aims to provide specialized procurement for the marine industry. Being a cloud based technology platform, C-Procure is accessible from any internet enabled device as a user friendly application with an ability to offer a value based, efficient and cost effective solutions. C-Procure is driven by the concept of electronic procurement (also known as e-procurement) where in internet is widely used by businesses (that includes ship owners and contractors) to be able to purchase goods and services from anywhere around the globe at attractive prices whilst not compromising the quality. C-Procure aims to ease the purchasing cycle within the organisation and thereby enables the management to spend their quality time in earning revenue, leverage their competencies to secure their position in the marketplace and create a competitive edge in the digital procurement solutions..

VCIDEX SOLUTIONS PVT.LTD owner Ramachandran K says there are many people looking for insights and answers about C-Procure Solution Offers Rapid Accountability System for Maritime Industry. This case study reveals in a practical way what’s possible with the right information and guidance.

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VCIDEX SOLUTIONS PVT.LTD was founded in 2003 and serves the Procurement Solution for Maritime Industry industry. It is known for VCIDEX IT software solution products… 1.Human Resource Management System 2. Positive Purchase Management System 3. NBFC’s Fin Tracker 4. Rapid CRM 5. Logistics ERP 6. Value Asset Management System.

PRODUCT, PRICE AND CATEGORY MANAGEMENT: Define specific and unique product categories that suit your requirements. That way, you can analyze all options within that particular product category. These easy, efficient product management options, part of the C-Procure solution, help both shipping lines and chandlers quickly and easily study variants available and make an informed decision, thus saving time and money without compromising on quality.

COST CENTER MANAGEMENT: Procurement of supplies for long sea voyages is expensive, and a major cost center. Budget control is thus essential, and one of the main reasons that many shipping lines opt for C-Procure. Optimizing costs and reducing extraneous expense is an integral part of the software solution.

RFQ, PO, GRN AND INVOICE MANAGEMENT: Paperwork of multiple kinds is required during a procurement process. Requesting, raising and approving Requests for Quote, Purchase Orders, Goods Received Notes and invoices are made easy through the C-Procure software solution, with POs automatically generated to the selected partner for the chosen scope of products. In addition, it becomes possible to verify receipt of goods through automated 3-way matching of PO, GRN and Invoice.

PAYMENT TRACKER AND TAX MANAGEMENT: Making sure that you make payments to all chandlers in each port of docking is complicated. Given the sheer volume of orders necessitated by even a single voyage, it can be a daunting task… and that’s before you factor in the requirement to make the required and correct tax payments! Simplify through our comprehensive payment tracker and tax management system.

PURCHASE RETURN MANAGEMENT: Not all procurement happens smoothly. It is sometimes required that purchases are returned, either to the chandler or from the chandler to the vendors. C-Procure helps you streamline the product return process efficiently.

RAISE REQUISITION WITH TURN AROUND TIME: Turn Around Time or TAT is very important for delivery to ships, which dock for very brief periods. That’s why it’s essential to include the highly tight and specific TATs while raising the requisition. In many cases, TAT is the crucial element of the order process.